Life Insurance Estimate from Sanlam

Sanlam is one of South Africa’s public investment institutions. As an investment company, they provide their clients with a variety of financial services. Here we will have a look at the life insurance estimate from Sanlam

One of their services provides the insuring of the various areas in their clients’ lives.

It consists of covering:

  • Your life and your loved ones,
  • Your wellbeing, and
  • Temporary cover for your belongings.

Each one of these areas can be divided into even more specialised fields.

The first option, of insuring yourself and your loved ones, can be further split into three categories.

Life Insurance EstimateOne of these categories specialises in the event of your passing.

It is in this particular group that you will find the Life Cover option.

With a life insurance estimate, you can have a look at what insurance you need.

Life Insurance Estimate

Sanlam’s Life Cover provides assistances in:

  • The financial expenses of:
    • Your burial,
    • Sorting out your assets admin,
    • Clearing your unpaid balances, and
    • Your loved ones’ daily expenditures;
  • Your loved ones receiving the insured money exempt from tax;
  • Providing the opportunity, for you, to select the Burial and Additional Instant Costs option, to make your cover’s financial aid available to your loved ones in less than two days;
  • Also, the event that medical professionals discover you are fatally ill, with only a few months left to live, they will make a single money transfer, instantly, into your account, which is exempt from tax; and
  • Requesting the details of your way of life and wellbeing only one time, when you complete your application – after that, you do not need to supply them with any details regarding the personal choices that affect your life in any way, whether it is negative or positive.


Sanlam facilitates the assessments, regarding your health, which you need during the application period.

They are aware that this can be a great inconvenience to many and therefore give their clients the opportunity to choose among two options.

So these options give the customer the chance to decide, for themselves, in how they would like to proceed in the health assessment process.

Two Options

The two options comprise of:

  • Coverage that can be assessed at a conveniently faster pace for:
    • 1 million rand (or less) coverage you must –
      • Only give information regarding seven inquiries, without the need for any health assessments;
    • More than 1 million rand coverage you must –
      • Only provide the details of your wellbeing in regards to twelve inquiries, with the possibility of checking your nicotine levels, as well as asking how much you weigh and how tall you are.
    • The insurance that necessitates more of your time includes:
      • The documentation of your medical history,
      • Health check-ups, and
      • Blood samples;
      • This option provides you with enhanced assistance, due to the intense assessments.


Each option provides you with coverage, but they do not both comprise of the same level of aids.

So in sharing the details of your wellbeing in more depth, by selecting the longer assessment cover gives the insurer the opportunity to provide better for your specified needs.


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