Life Insurance Blood Tests in South Africa

In the application process of taking out a life cover (on your life) you must meet various requirements. It may seem a bit frustrating at times, to provide the insurance company with all the necessary particulars of your life. This is vital, however, due to the insurer’s goal in supplying you with the perfect fit that meets your needs. Here we will have a look at life insurance blood tests.


Each particular aids the company in measuring and weighing which benefits will give you the greatest rewards. Yes, they are not only interested in providing a service, but in shaping one that is by your disposition.

Life Insurance Blood TestsThe specifics that most insurance companies request, in your application, consist of:

  • What age you are,
  • Your salary per month,
  • A history of your visits to the doctor and hospital,
  • The choices that impact your life daily,
  • A couple of blood tests, and
  • Other compulsory fine points.


Life Insurance Blood Tests

Out of all of these, the record of your medical history may be the thickest, due to all the information it contains. It’s possible, as it is based on every visit, test and medicinal aid you may have experienced in your life span. The daunting one, however, can be the blood tests. People get uncomfortable when the insurer needs to take their samples for testing.

The request for new blood samples is to provide you with the cover that exceeds the old and supply aid for the present and future. Some conditions may be chronic, which they will take into consideration as well, but some illnesses can unexpectedly surface. The newest tests are for the clarification of certain specified viruses. That includes testing your blood for HIV/Aids.

The thought of having to go for tests may seem invasive to your personal space, as well as it being a great consumer of your time. Another concern you may have is the result of a false positive or negative. Also, if an absurd result may occur, which you are aware of as being false, you can request a new sample.


The tests are necessary to give you the best possible coverage.

There are easier – less intrusive and time-consuming – methods of taking the tests.

They include:

  • The prick of your finger, and
  • A urine sample.


Each of these is quicker, and even the results can get done faster. Some of the tests can, unfortunately, not be submitted by just the prick of your finger or a urine test. So these need more thorough analysis equipment and time. Most clients only need a few simple tests, though, for example, HIV/Aids. So you can conveniently do it through the prick of a finger, which saves you time and helps in approving your application in the least amount of time.

Life insurance blood tests can be convenient and quick. You can ask your insurer what they need.


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