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The decision of taking out a life cover is not a light matter. Just speak to any life insurance agent, and you will know. This is due to the element it revolves around, which relates to the loss of the applicant’s health or life. It should, however, not become something you fear to invest in, as it can benefit your loved ones greatly.

There is a lot of life that needs to be lived. Therefore, you should not waste time on worrying about what happens when life’s circumstances may change. A life cover is a choice that can help you in living life to the full while investing financially into your loved ones’ future.

You may be wondering how it is an “investment” into the future. It is because when you put away money, in case you get very ill or even pass away, you help in taking care of those dearest to you. Life Insurance AgentThis financial aid will assist them in taking care of whatever is necessary, without the worry of where the money will come from. A life insurance agent can assist you.

Hollard is one of the companies that provide the service of life coverage.


Their cover includes:

  • Burial insurance;
  • Provisionalassistance for sudden passing;
  • Support during incurable sickness;
  • Accessible to those who tested positive for HIV; and
  • Discount for smokers.


Burial Insurance – Life Insurance Agent

It includes the cover of the facility for taking care of your own or any of your closest family members’ burial.

There are no extra costs, in the unfortunate incident of losing a beloved.


Provisional assistance for sudden passing

You will have insurance from the day of your application, in case you pass away unexpectedly.


Support during incurable sickness

The full amount of your coverage will be paid out if you should fall ill with a fatal illness.

This service is for the case where there are only a few months left to live.


Accessible to those that have tested positive for HIV

This insurance does not discriminate against anyone who has HIV.

If you have HIV, it will not have any negative effect on your application.


Discount for smokers

As a smoker, you can get a discount on your cover.

It’s valid for those smokers that want to kick the habit and needs some motivation.

What can be more encouraging than saving money on life insurance, while getting healthier?


In the event of your passing Hollard knows that what you would want is your family financially safe.

That is why you need to be clear about how you want the funds to be distributed after you passed away.

It can be financed as the entire amount or in monthly instalments.

So it all depends on your bills and any other outstanding expenses that would require payments and accounts to balance, immediately, after you die.


So the Life Cover, from Hollard, is on adapting to your specified requirements. They also want to cater to the needs that suit you and your family the best. Let Hollard assist you in insuring your life.

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