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People worry about a lot of things. And many of these things never come to pass. One of the biggest worries is the loss of income. How can anyone survive without a job? Money is an enormous worry when you’ve been retrenched. Or you’ve been in an accident and permanently disabled. Or you’re sick and you can’ work. At times like this your debt seems to be insurmountable. When you consider this grim situation, then you suddenly realise how important your life is. And why you need a Greenlight product from Old Mutual.

You are an enormously valuable asset simply because you have the ability to work and earn an income. And if you can no longer work? While you are working you have everything you need and possibly savings too. An unexpected illness or accident can put you out of work permanently. Then you lose all these conveniences you take so much for granted. Unless you have insurance.

With Disability cover you are able to replace 100% of your income while you are disabled. You need disability cover after retirement to cover costs like a nursing home and frail care. With Greenlight, you’re able to insure your income up to R50 000, whether temporary or permanent disability retirement, or you can opt for a lump sum of R6 million for permanent impairment after retirement.

Life Insurance Quotes – Trust Old Mutual’s GreenLight to Make Life Bearable

What other kind of solutions are there for guaranteeing some form of income protection? Who can you trust your future to? With 165 years of risk insurance business behind them, Old Mutual provides their clients with the best risk cover solutions there are. Each of their Greenlight benefits target a particular risk. Their Comprehensive Greenlight Earning Ability Coverdisability for instance covers range of complex medical conditions and occupational disability, physical, and functional impairments are all covered at 100%.
What sets Greenlight apart is that with severe illness cover, they pay 100% of the cover amount for 40 different illnesses or conditions under their Comprehensive Severe Illness Benefits. Greenlight offers the choice of having stand-alone benefits or accelerated cover. Greenlight also offers benefits designed for business owners, and Keyperson cover provides funds to cope with the impact of when the key person or breadwinner dies.

Life Insurance Quotes – You’re Protected when you can no Longer Work

With the Earning Ability Cover, you and your family are protected when you are unable to do your job. With Greenlight Earning Ability cover you can choose between a lump sum or a monthly income if you are temporarily or permanently disabled.

Life Insurance Quotes – For When the Sun Doesn’t Shine as Quickly as You’d Like

With Greenlight, you are simply able to protect your income and your ability to work so that you can always provide for your family. Think carefully about how you would survive on the little bit of sick pay you get from work or on the savings you put away for that rainy day.

What if the sun doesn’t shine for a long time? You’ll certainly need some other way to keep yourself going and to pay for the bills. Instead of fretting, why not consider some income protection insurance. Old Mutual is one of the most trusted financial services provider in South Africa as well as one of the largest and they can be trusted to guide you through the storms of life.


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