Life Policies from Frank for South Africans

There are different life insurance plans, and term life insurance and whole life insurance attract the most interest. You can discover a lot about life insurance online, compare them and choose the one, that for a small amount, can provide you with lots of coverage. Here is more on Life Policies from Frank.

So the mistake most people make is to think that unexpected calamities will never touch their lives. The truth is life happens, and death strikes anyone, anytime, young or old.

Life policies from Frank are sold directly to customers. Frank don’t use brokers, but they’ve got regular staff to get things done efficiently.


Life Policies from Frank – Peace of Mind Needn’t Cost and Arm and a Leg

Life Policies from FrankWhen you die, you’ll discover that Frank offers a straightforward cover with a fuss-free application process with no medicals. So with Frank –

  • You get a tax-free lump sum life insurance payout of up to R10 million
  • Frank’s life insurance is affordable – from R124 p/m. Premiums are dependent on individual risk profile.
  • The payout amount will be based on some factors such as age, gender, your income, whether you smoke or not
  • monthly payments are tailor-made according to the cover you choose.
    You can add unlimited beneficiaries
  • Frank expects you to keep them informed of lifestyle changes. If you start- or stop smoking, if you start an extreme sport – they need to know
  • with Frank, you need to go for an HIV test within three months of taking out your policy. Frank will pay for this trial and will arrange for a nurse to come to your home or workplace. Results are strictly confidential
  • if you’re busy with any illegal activities or you try to dupe Frank so that you can claim, you won’t get a cent from Frank.


Don’t Wait for the Worst to Happen – Call Now

If you know what your financial goals are, and whether you want term- or whole life insurance, why not call Frank or send them a ‘please call me’ online form. With Frank, you will get help with understanding all the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of life insurance. When your beneficiaries need to submit a claim, contact the Frank Call Centre on 0860 238 379 and Frank will guide you on the procedure you need to follow as well as the documentation they will require to process your request.

Life Policies from Frank – Make Frank a Part of your Plans for the Future

Life insurance is a contract between the insurer and the insurance policy holder. While the insurer always promises to pay the selected beneficiary a specified sum of money on the death of the insured person. Of course, this will only happen if you’ve chosen a trusted, well-known name in the life insurance industry. Trust Frank – for the sake of your family!

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