1Life – Where Life is for Living

Life is for living, stats 1Life Insurance Ltd, not for hassling with life insurance policies. It is this philosophy that they believe drives their corporate profile to be customer friendly, service-orientated, educational and well-informed.

1Life is wholly owned by multinational company Budget Holdings Limited, based in Europe.¬† But this does not stop 1Life from being Proudly South African. They have South Africans’ needs at the forefront of their minds. Dial Direct comes from the same stable.

1Life Direct1Life offers life insurance policies that they believe suit the South African people. They cover all needs when it comes to basic life insurance, as well as disability cover, dread disease cover and credit cover. Depending on the policy you choose you can benefit from the added peace of mind that these extras offer.

What life insurance do I get?

1Lifedirect offer a couple of life insurance policies in their Pure Life range. Pure Life Basic offers a payout to a beneficiary of your choice on death, up to their threshold value. And, depending on your insurance needs, they also offer added benefits including disability, dread disease, and credit cover.

Also, they offer Pure Life Elevated, which offers a payout to a beneficiary of your choice, in the event of your death, of the threshold value or more, depending on your insurance requirements and once again the added extras are available.

Why choose 1Life Direct?

1Life Direct claim to pay out a lump sum immediately on accidental death, helping your dependents through that most difficult time, as well as covering certain long and short term debts, such as car or house loans, to take the pressure off those left behind.

1Life believe that if you have people depending on you, you have no choice but to make sure you have life insurance. To make this as easy as possible, 1Life claim that their direct telephonic and internet based access to life insurance, no need for up front medical examinations, affordable premiums, no paperwork and no brokerage fees, make choosing a life insurance policy simpler and cheaper than ever before.

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