Hollard Life Assurance Company Over 30 years of insurance knowledge to bank on

Hollard Life Assurance Company, currently South Africa’s largest privately-owned insurance group.

With over 30 years in the insurance business, this firm is very experienced in the life assurance field.

Over the past three decades, the company has gone from strength to strength.

Always improving their life policies to correspond better to the needs of their clientele.

They have high values which they adhere to firmly.

As a working family man, it’s normal to worry about what life will be like for your loved ones when you die. You want them taken care of. But unless you start making provisions for them while alive, that won’t work.

Out of the many options, you may have considered, insurance seems to be the most logical one. However, if you have heard negative stories about insurance companies, this may have put you off an insurance policy. Get free online Life insurance quotes.

Hollard Life Assurance company and the policies they sell

Hollard life assurance company

Hollard life insurance cover ranges from R50, 000 to R200, 000 for you and your partner.

After five years you receive a 20% payout of your premiums provided you have paid in full.

Regardless of which cover you have, your beneficiaries get R20, 000 for funeral expenses within 48 hours after claiming.

So you get a Hollard funeral plan inclusive with your Hollard life insurance.

Along with their insurance policies, Hollard Life Assurance Company also offers other Hollard funeral cover benefits, all optional.

Such as Hollar Funeral Cover Benefits for your children, which require you to pay an additional premium for each child.

Vehicle Access Benefit, through which your Hollard funeral policy  provides your beneficiaries with a rental car of your choice for as many as six days.

Transport can come in handy when making funeral arrangements. Every year, your premiums increase by 10%, and your benefits also increase by 6%.

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Hollard Life Assurance company is well aware of how traumatic a time it can be when a loved one dies.

Thus every effort is put into making a claim process as easy as possible. Hollard life insurance also provides immediate assistance in this area if you should need it at any time.

For more information on their policies, visit their offices and speak to one of their financial advisers in person or get in touch by phone or email.

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