Let Assupol Life look after your life and your family

Ever since 1913, Assupol Life has been providing appropriate and affordable life insurance to some South Africans.

Their range of insurance options has allowed them to cater to many different groups of people. Each with different wants and needs.

Be it death, disability, terminal illness or retirement, Assupol Life is a great option to consider for life cover.

Make Assupol Life a way of life for your family

When it comes to life assurance, they offer three different policies, one of which will suit your needs:

ONE. The Progress 4Sure Plan: No medical test required. At the time of the insured’s death, beneficiaries receive R300, 000  as well as R10, 000 funeral cover.

Use the policy as security for a debt. It allows you to add funeral cover for your parents and children as well. Our 4Sure 100%Cash back Benefit ensures that all premiums are paid back to you after every ten years providing you never claimed in that period.

TWO. The Progress Legacy Plan: this policy is similar to the 4Sure Plan, except it requires a medical test. Although its premiums increase yearly, it is still affordable, and your benefits increase too.

THREE. Progress Accident Plan: The policy deals with claims made due to an accident. It’s the right policy for you if working in an accident-prone area. The policy pays out up to R1 million.

Assupol Life

Assupol Life and their amazing range of services

You can add cover for disability, dread disease or critical illness to both the Progress 4Sure Plan and the Progress Legacy Plan.

Add their support line Assupol On-Call to all three policies. The support line is available to those insured under our company as well as those insured under your policy.

On-Call provides other services such as additional information and advice on HIV/Aids, health problems, illnesses, poisons and drugs. You can also ask about pregnancy and baby care as well as referrals to doctors, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and dentists.

Transport facilities are provided such as ambulances to take you to a hospital, transport for your children to a family member if you are involved in an accident. And transport for hospital visits if you have been there for over five days. Go online and get free life insurance quotes now!

Assupol On-Call also deals with matters such as admission to a medical facility, transport of a body back to South Africa, assistance in funeral plans and trauma counselling for all kinds of problems – from death to abuse.

Complete and then submit the form on this page to get your life insurance quote!

As you can see, Assupol Life take their work very seriously and treat their clients with respect and fairness.

They strive to ensure customers get good value for their money and the policy that suits them best.

All info was correct at time of publishing