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Online life insurance quotes are available right here on this page. Get a free insurance quote by completing the little form to the left of this article. We will contact you. Then we will send you an instant life insurance quote so you can consider your options.

The internet has made it easier to get life quotes. Previously one had to contact a broker. Of course you can still do this and in fact you should show all your online life insurance quotes to a broker so he can explain exactly what it is you are buying. Or you can discuss the quotes with the advisor who will contact you with the life quote.

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Firstly, ask the right questions

Life insurance quotes are easy to understand if you know what questions to ask. Here is a selection of questions, with explanations:

  1.  Is this a whole life quote also known as pure life?  As the name suggests this kind of life insurance lasts the whole of your life. The younger you are, the cheaper the whole life insurance. Most online insurance quotes are for whole life cover but do make sure
  2. Does the basic life insurance cover include any extras? Some of these might be disability, serious illness, chronic disease and loss of earnings cover. Most online insurance quotes will not typically include these kinds of insurance. You should request free online insurance quotes for those.
  3.  Am I buying too much life insurance cover? The company supplying online life insurance quotes will typically sell you exactly what you ask for. For instance, it might sound good to insurance your life for R5 million but do you really need this much cover? You should add up your Online Life Insurance Quotesdebts and then add what you think your dependents will need for the next few years to reach an estimate of what you require in the way of pure insurance cover.
  4. Will my children’s education be taken care of in the event of my death? Some insurance companies, such as Discovery Life, offer additions to your policy where they will pay the entire cost of your children’s education up to tertiary level, including for study at overseas universities if they qualify.  The premiums for this type of cover is cheap, so do consider it. Discovery Life free insurance quotes will include education cover if you request it.
  5. If I die will my dependents have a hard time paying for my funeral?  Funeral cover does not sound very glamorous but really you should pay a couple of extra rand. There is nothing more distressing for the bereaved than hunting around for cash to pay funeral costs. Add this to your whole life cover or you can get online life insurance quotes.
  6.  Am I with the right insurance company? South Africans are fortunate. We have a well-developed, first world insurance industry. Most of the companies supply online life insurance quotes. Because the industry is very well regulated you are safe buying life insurance in South Africa. Some of the larger companies you might consider buying life insurance from are Old Mutual, Sanlam, Discovery Life and Metropolitan Life. Then there are small insurance companies such as Credit Life Insurance and First for Women. You can get free online life insurance quotes from most of these.


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