Life Insurance Cover Quotes

Getting life insurance cover quotes can be mystifying but it does not have to be that way. Let the internet to the heavy lifting for you.

Simply complete the form on this page to get a tailored life insurance quote to suit your requirements.
But what do life insurance cover quotes requirement entail?

Buying life insurance just because it sounds like a good idea is not sufficient. Before you get life insurance cover quotes make sure you decide the following:

•    How much debt your estate would have if you were to die?
•    Do you already have life insurance cover and how much?
•    How much money your dependents would need for a decent period following your death? (No, you are not obliged to support them for all eternity.)

That net answer to this, for instance two million rand, is the bare minimum of whole life cover you should request when asking for life insurance cover quotes.

Circumstances Do Change

You must consider the following eventualities as well:
Life Insurance Cover Quotes
•    What if you were to become disabled and so could no longer work and be able to support your family? There is additional cover for this. Be sure to add this to your list of requests when you get life insurance cover quotes.
•    What if you became chronically ill, such as with emphysema and you were unable to work? Or what if you got cancer and were ill for years? Did you know that you can add dread disease or chronic disease to your whole life policy? Bear that in mind when getting life insurance cover quotes.
•    What about education for your children if anything happened to you? There are insurance companies in South Africa, such as Discovery Life, that offer tailor made education cover policies. If you die they could even go to overseas universities if their grades were good enough.
•    What if you lost your job and you could no longer earn money? This is where loss of earnings cover comes in.

Get life insurance cover quotes by completing the form at the top of this page

Life Insurance Cover Quotes Tips

By all means use a broker if you feel that getting your own online life insurance quotes is not adequate. Let an insurance broker who has no ties to any particular insurance house get comparative quotes for you.

Remember in your investigations of life insurance cover quotes that term cover is an expensive way of insuring your life. It operates only for a certain period, such as when the children leave home or until your house is paid up. Whole life cover is cheaper.

Once you have been through the process of getting life insurance cover quotes, selected the company you want to deal with and received your insurance policy document that is not the end of the story.

You will receive notification on every anniversary of the policy and a notification of you premium increases. Then you should sit down and read through your policy carefully. Does it still meet your needs?

Circumstances change. People divorce, get married, change homes, leave home and so on. Make sure your policy is a true reflection of your life circumstances.

Ask your broker or the insurance company to change your cover accordingly or get fresh life insurance cover quotes if necessary. This is the way to ensure that your policy saves you money and ultimately delivers better benefits.


Get life insurance cover quotes by completing the form at the top of this page


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