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Getting meaningful life cover policy quotes can be a headache. Most South Africans do not know how to compare one life cover policy with another.

There are many different life insurance companies. Each one has its own style of presenting quotes and the insurance products differ widely from one another. Each life cover policy has its own benefits, settlement alternatives, rewards, stipulations and exclusions.

This is where the internet is so fantastic. Complete the form on this page to receive an instant life cover policy quote. Let the internet to the heavy lifting for you.


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Below are some pointers that could make the procedure of comparing life cover policies simpler and quicker:

  • You must look at life cover policies that will ideally meet the specific requirements and spending plan of family members. And you should obtain as many life cover quotes as possible. Use the internet for this.
  • Making vague enquiries about life cover serves practically no purpose. Instead you should think about the particular life cover required by your family and determine whether you need whole life Life Cover Policy Quotescover or term life. Also decide if you want loss of earnings, disability and dread disease cover. Do not think about particular insurance companies yet. Simply determine your needs.
  • It may be very difficult to compare life cover insurance quotes. That is because each underwriting business makes use of a different format and the terms and conditions are not really comparable. It might be a good idea to submit your requests and requirements to the various companies and to ask them to respond with life cover quotes in a given layout. It is much easier to complete the form above, though. The internet is a superb tool for getting life cover policy quotes from various companies simply by completing a form and submitting. Why spend hours asking for hard to digest information about life cover. Getting an online insurance quote is possibly the most convenient means to set about this burdensome activity.


More Advice About Life Cover Policy Quotes

  • Some people choose to make use of a broker. Independent financial advisors that have no association with any particular insurer are commonly able to supply unbiased insight based upon the necessities and budget plan of the client. They are also able to explain possible shortcomings can save their customers money by managing their life cover policy for them and by consistently assessing the needs of the insured. The majority of advisors will supply their customers cost-free insurance quotes. By all means show your online life policy quote to your advisor.
  • Life cover policies that supply whole life cover are generally more affordable than term life cover. What a lot of people do is get whole life cover and add other kinds of cover to it, like disability, chronic illness and health insurance. Obviously it is easy to manage one large policy than several small ones.
  • Insurance companies regularly provide new kinds of life cover so it is important to assess these plans and the benefits they provide regularly. It is usually possible to negotiate much better premiums or even more benefits by simply communicating with the insurer. Large companies typically do not notify their clients of their new offerings.
  • It is just as vital to review the insurance needs of the family often. Conditions change, properties grow or diminish in value and the life cover policy needs to be changed to accommodate these changes.


The process of obtaining a life cover policy insurance quote from several various sources can be time consuming and even irritating. The initiative could pay off in cost savings and much better perks. Start by getting a life cover policy quote online.


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