How to Get Life Insurance in SA Using the Hippo

You could forgive people without dependents not having life insurance, but it’s almost ludicrous to have young children and not have life insurance. So how to get life insurance?

The unsettling education system in South Africa has also made it that more parents are opting to have one of them staying at home with the kids and tutoring them through homeschooling. Stay-at-home spouses also have a need for life insurance. If the breadwinner passes away, there needs to be life insurance. If the stay-at-home spouse dies, life insurance is imperative because the remaining spouse is now going to have to pay out a fortune for childcare. now, how to get life insurance?

Getting Life Insurance Couldn’t be Easier

How To Get Life InsuranceYou could say that some people don’t invest in life insurance because they don’t know how to go about it. Some people make the mistake of buying life insurance and then stop paying because they can’t keep up with the premiums. You need a policy which is affordable to buy and easy to own.

Shopping for life insurance is easy on the Internet, in particular with a site like Hippo. You can comparison shop for quotes. Hippo will send you life insurance quotes from leading life insurance companies such as  –

  • Old Mutual
  • Metropolitan Life
  • Liberty Life
  • Sanlam
  • Momentum Life
  • Absa Life
  • Discovery Life .. and others


The process in how to get life insurance

  • With Hippo, you’ll fill in their online form. It takes no longer than a minute or two.
  • From the information you provide Hippo with, they can see how much life insurance you need. They’re the trusted online insurance comparison site of choice, especially seeing that their services are free, reliable and efficient.
  • They will provide quotes from all the major life insurers in the country.
  • You can compare them in a jiffy with Hippo’s expert tools and advice.Hippo life insurance will filter the information according to what you filled in on their application form on their website. By filling in the forms on Hippo’s website, you can quickly decide which life insurance is perfect for you.


Hippo is saving you plenty of time and effort. You can trust Hippo because they work with only the best companies in the industry. With Hippo helping you to choose the right life policy, you’ll score by having that peace that comes from knowing your loved ones will be taken care of when you’re not there.

Who is this Hippo?

Hippo was the first online aggregator website, offering the sheer convenience of online insurance comparative quotes from different insurance companies. They save customers time because they don’t have to shop around for the best prices. Hippo uses social media to promote their services such as Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and RSS. Everything with Hippo is above board, and the company was registered in 1979. Their main offices are situated in Gauteng.
Apart from life insurance, Hippo Insurance also offers other insurance and financial packages. Hippo directly helps to ensure you don’t end up buying an insurance policy that doesn’t suit you.


For a FREE life insurance quote, fill in the form on this page  and click on the Get Quote button

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