Now you can insure kids against dread disease and chronic illness

Now you can insure kids against illness. A new insurance product called AngelCover has hit the South African market.  Importantly, the policy provides cover for chronic illness and dread disease in minors. This is the first such product on the SA market.

Insurance company Medway has introduced the product. That is because they recognise that no parent wants to think about their children falling critically ill. And that the emotional trauma of dealing with a chronic or dread disease in a child is bad. But so is the stress of finding the money for the treatment.

Insure Kids

Insure Kids – AngelCover Details

AngelCover Premiums range from R119 to R149 per month and pay out an immediate lump sum, on diagnosis, per child of either R250 000 or R500 000, depending on the product selected.  This substantial payout assists with the ongoing medical costs associated with dread disease treatment.

AngelCover is designed to provide funds for treatments and procedures not covered by medical aid. These include diagnostic scans, specialist consultations, chronic medication and treatment therapies.

The following chronic conditions are covered: cancer, heart attack, stroke, coronary artery bypass graft, aorta graft surgery, major organ transplant (including heart, liver, lung pancreas or bone marrow), kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, blindness, deafness, heart valve replacement or repair, paralysis or paraplegia (non-accidental), third degree burns and HIV/AIDS (needle stick injuries only).

For more information about AngelCover, please contact Medway on 0860 633 929, email or go to

Insure Kids – About Medway

Medway has been pioneering innovation in the health insurance industry since its inception in 1990.  The company boasts the most comprehensive range of flexible medical top-up insurance products on the market, and with the latest additions to its product range to insure kids, it is unquestionably one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the insurance sector.

Medway Marketing (Pty) Ltd, is an authorised financial services provider – FSP # 15624

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