Life Insurance Quote South Africa

When looking for a life insurance quote South Africa is blessed with some excellent websites where you can get quotes immediately on the screen or by email. Others put you in touch with a life insurance broker. We feature the best of those websites at the end of this article.

Please note that when you are getting online insurance qoutes you might not get a comparative quote for every life insurance company in South Africa. Make sure you have covered all the bases. You should at the very least get insurance quotes online from

  • Sanlam
  • Metropolitan Life
  • Liberty Life
  • Hollard
  • Old Mutual
  • Discovery Life

Another two possibilities are PPS, otherwise called the Professional Provident Society, and Altrisk.

You might wonder how much life insurance you need. Life insurance is a way of replacing income that you will lose if you get sick or die. Obviously if you have dependents and loved ones then life insurance is so much more important. It is also a good way of clearing any outstanding debts you might have should you die. It is important to have a life insurance policy linked to your home mortgage so that the house is paid for should you die.

How much life insurance do I need?

Before you get a life insurance quote South Africa, work out how much life insurance you need like this:

  1. Take your monthly salary before tax and multiply it by twelve to get your gross annual income
  2. Estimate the number of years until your expected age of retirement. In other words, your retirement age minus your present age, which equals the number of years to retirement
  3. Multiply your gross annual income by the number of years left. This represents the life cover you need in order to replace income
  4. Add the total of all the debts you have to these
  5. Then subtract the value of any life cover you currently have. The result will be how much life insurance you need.

Hippo Life Insurance Quote South Africa

Hippo is among the best online companies you can go to for a quick life insurance quote. Not only do they have a fully comprehensive insurance website for car insurance quotes and short term insurance quotes but they also have very good articles and FAQs on insurance in general. This website aggregates quotes from major insurance companies to give you a comparative life insurance quote.

FirstLIFE Life Insurance Quote South Africa

FirstLIFE goes about online insurance quotes in a different way from Hippo. You go to the website and complete the form, then submit the document. By email, you get a whole lot of quotes from many life insurance companies, including Old Mutual, Sanlam, PPS, Momentum and so on. Some of them give actual figures, whilst others simply say that they will get a life insurance consultant to phone you. Taking all the quotes at once gives you a good idea of what the insurance is going to cost you.

Compare Insurance Life Insurance Quote South Africa

This type of site does not compare life insurance but is really just simply a way to contact a broker in order to get a tailored life insurance quote in South Africa.

All info was correct at time of publishing