Insurance loyalty programmes compared: Sanlam Reality vs Discovery Vitality vs Momentum Multiply

If one retailer offers benefits and rewards, others will be forced to do so too. That is, if they want to keep their customers. South Africans love being rewarded. So many shop at Pick n Pay to benefit from the smart shopper card. Hence the proliferation of loyalty programmes.

Every time you spend a Rand on certain items, you earn points. And you can use these points to buy grocery items when it suits you.

Now the National South African Customer Satisfaction Index or SAcsi has compared loyalty programmes between Sanlam, Discovery and Momentum to see where the best customer experience is to be found, bearing in mind that Sanlam is one of the most awarded brands.

The survey of Sacsi was random between 1 400 Sanlam, Momentum and Discovery members. Sanlam emerged with the most value for money and the highest customer satisfaction. CEO of Sanlam Reality, Loyalty Programmes in South AfricaAndré Larisma says that the industry needs loyalty programmes like this as it delivers value to everyone and not just those in the top tiers.

Loyalty Programmes – Sanlam – the Top Scorer

The Sacsi’s focus has been specifically on these South Africa’s top insurance providers. And according to the index, consumers seem to be most satisfied with Sanlam’s Reality Rewards Programme. The programme has a score of 71.9, compared to the industry average of 69.6. Discovery came in second and Momentum third.

There are many loyalty programmes available in South Africa. The best performing ones are those such as Sanlam Reality which offer a positive overall service level. Sanlam Reality offers different membership options to suit different lifestyles and pockets.

Loyalty Programmes – Move Up for More Attractive Rewards

Sanlam Reality is a lifestyle and rewards programme. It is available to Sanlam and Santam clients as well as a number of other medical aid schemes. Members can save quite a bit because they enjoy special offers on certain Sanlam products. Members start on a particular level or tier. They then move up according to the points they earn from doing all the right things. With all these rewards programmes, by signing up for the email- or SMS notifications you’re first to hear of special offers.

The top insurers have each complemented their products with their excellent loyalty programmes. They offer a host of attractive rewards so that you can save and benefit in your efforts to live a healthy life.

Loyalty Programmes – Tops in the Insurance Sector

Each of these top insurers offer brilliant loyalty programmes, but perhaps Sanlam is one up on Momentum and Discovery because Sanlam offers a number of unusual benefit. What particularly puts them apart is that they deliver these benefits to members the way members want – free of unexpected and unrealistic terms and conditions, or worse, a complicated, tiresome process that they need to negotiate but prefer not to.

Loyalty Programmes – Simplicity Counts Big

Sanlam Reality is all about simplicity and transparency, and in today’s complicated way of life, simplicity is  what counts most of all. It is why when you do your comparisons, you find that Sanlam Reality is South Africa’s top loyalty programme in the insurance sector.

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All info was correct at time of publishing