First for Women Life Insurance

All can be well with you, and then in an instant,  your life can be snuffed out by accident. Many women in South Africa today are breadwinners. Because of this, they need to be constantly reassessing their jobs and earnings. Also, they must address and what will become of their dependants in case the secure environment they have is no longer secure. Fortunately First for Women Life Insurance offers quotes for insurance and benefits which meet the needs of women.

Single and Married Women need Life Insurance

Women are contributing significantly to the financial security of their families, so it is important that there is an insurance company which provides cover for them. First for Women Life Insurance is there for South African women who have loved ones depending on them for their financial support. Their life insurance policy makes sure of income for those left behind when the female breadwinner dies.

Check the Facts for First for Women insurance South Africa

Life insurance South Africa is a financial gift to your loved ones to suit their financial needs in the future. First for Women Life Insurance has partnered with 1Life to enable them to provide South African women with a unique product which caters for their needs. First for Women inFirst for Women Life Insurancesurance quotes are available via telephone in less than 20 minutes. With life insurance quotes South Africa, do yourself a favour and compare 1stfor women insurance quotes with other premiums and the benefits they offer. Just some of the extraordinary life insurance benefits you can enjoy from First for Women and 1Life and which will ensure your family can continue to enjoy their current lifestyle are –

  • With 1st For Women Life Insurance, you get cover for your entire life.
  • Premiums remain fixed for the first two years.
  • Includes suicide cover after the first two years.
  • You get up to R10 000 000 life cover for an affordable premium.
  • Your life cover doesn’t decrease while your policy is active.
  • Add up to 10 beneficiaries to your policy.
  • If you are terminally ill and your life expectancy is less than 12 months, there is a payout.
  • If you are getting married then your cover can be increased without the need for additional underwriting.


Life insurance quotes South Africa a Gift to Last a Lifetime

With 1Life’s Pure Life Cover, women get two different options; either the basic- or the elevated cover. The primary cover will pay out a lump sum of R200 000 to your chosen beneficiary, while the elevated cover option will pay out more than R200 000 for your selected beneficiary. These covers also include a terminal illness benefit.

First for Women Life Insurance also offers valuable extra benefits. Women can add extra value to their policy to ensure coverage for every eventuality. These two additional benefits from 1Life are 1st for Women Disablement as well as 1st for Women Dread Disease.

Benefits After Death from First for Women Life Insurance

First for Women Insurance South Africa is for female customers only. First for Women life insurance quotes are available for home- and building insurance, car insurance, life insurance and personal and business insurance.

If you pass away, you will not lose your income. It will be available to your loved ones. With First 4 Women Life Insurance you have a company who has taken into account the challenges of tomorrow, and their affordable life insurance policy will continue to provide benefits your family is accustomed to when you as the female breadwinner are no longer there.

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