First for Women Insurance Rewards Women

There are many insurance companies in South Africa. It requires considerable research to find the cream of the crop among them. There is only one company that specialises in providing insurance to women. That is First for Women,which is backed by a discounted pricing strategy. And that gives South African women a substantial saving of some 40% on their insurance premiums. And that is reason enough to make it the first insurance for women.

First for Women Insurance South Africa has changed the way women view insurance.

Insurance companies such as Regent Insurance, unlike 1st for Women, focuses principally on motor insurance. However, 1st for Woman offers motor insurance but also others such as life cover and home insurance.

First for Women Insurance Offers Extensive Range

Women have never wanted to pay the same premiums as men. That is because women are far more responsible on the road than male drivers. In 2002, research revealed that more and more women in South Africa were taking out their own insurance. That revealed the need for an insurance product that would cater specifically to women.

They created a new insurance specifically for women. Today First for Women Insurance offers an extensive range of insurance packages. These include car, home, and life insurance as well as a caravan, trailer, and watercraft insurance. There is also credit life cover, which is hugely popular with women with a lot of debt. They want to know that when they pass away, all outstanding debt disappears.

First TimFirst for Women Insurancee Car Insurance

First-time car insurance for women by First for Women makes sure women are rewarded for being more responsible. They benefit from cheaper vehicle insurance premiums.

Having a 1st for women insurance where the needs of women are considered has meant this insurance company rocketing to the top in the insurance stakes.

Award Winning First for Women Insurance South Africa

One of the reasons 1st for Women has been voted as the top short-term insurance brand is because they don’t just offer a product, but rather an insurance solution which comes with supportive products that contribute to a holistic lifestyle support solution. Support and guidance are provided; improving a woman’s entire lifestyle, and they can offer women in South Africa the lowest insurance premiums for their cars and homes.

A Range of Fab Benefits

First for Women also has a responsibility to women in need in the country, and they fund different organizations that support the causes of South African women. Part of their deal for women is to offer them some Fab Free Benefits which include Road Assist, Legal Assist, Medical Assist, for instance Trauma Assist, Home Assist, Entertainment Assist and Expo-Sure. In a country like South Africa where violent crimes are an everyday occurrence,, for instance, will offer free counselling sessions, referrals to places of safety as well as the accompaniment at ID parades.

First for Women Car Insurance also offers an excellent service for women drivers which is known as ‘Guardian Angels’. Being stranded alongside the road in South Africa is like writing your death sentence and First for Women Insurance Brokers offer this service in Johannesburg every day of the year, day and night.

More About First for Women

Crimes against women and children are increasing in South Africa and First for Women also supports People Apposing Women Abuse (POWA), which helps women in perilous situations. This caring attitude towards women is a drawcard, and when women compare free online insurance quotes, this along with their low premiums is why South African women aren’t taking out insurance anywhere else.

By eliminating men, 1st for Women Insurance can afford to give women generous reductions in their insurance premiums. Men don’t like this; they think its gender discrimination, but nobody cares. For females in South Africa, First for Women Insurance has at last put an end to all their insurance worries as the trend towards independent insurance grows and the chance to take advantage of low premiums and benefits is now readily available.

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