Liberty Hospital Plan

Liberty hospital plan is from Liberty medical scheme, which is an established scheme that offers a wide variety of medical aid plans.

Importantly, there are three Liberty hospital plan options to choose from.

Liberty Hospital PlanThere is an increased tendency to purchase hospital plans form medical aid schemes. That is because they are a more affordable medical aid form and they at least provide basic cover for in-hospital treatment.

So the plans provided by medical schemes have to cover all the prescribed minimum benefit conditions. And plans from insurance companies do not always to comply to these rules as they are not as closely monitored and regulated.

Liberty is one of the larger medical aid schemes in South Africa. Significantly, this gives them the ability to create a wide range of options to see to the needs of all of their members. So let us take a look at the 3 Liberty hospital plan options.

Liberty Hospital Plan – Gold Focus Select Plan

Firstly this plan is a starter medical aid option. This option contains no day to benefits. The plan requires the use of network hospitals and the collection of medication at state facilities. Collection of medication at non-state facilities requires a 50% co-payment. For this plan Liberty pays out claims at 100% of the scheme rates.

Liberty Hospital Plan – Gold Focus Plan

This plan is also a start up plan. And the main differences between the Golf Focus and Gold Focus Select plans are that the Gold Focus plan members can use any private hospital, not network linked and that the medication can be acquired at selected network suppliers. In addition, claims are paid at 100% of Liberty rates.

Liberty Hospital Plan – Platinum Focus Plan

The platinum focus plan is a hospital option that pays up to 200% of scheme rates at any private hospital.

The benefits the plans share:

  • All of the plans have an unlimited annual limit.
  • The plans cover 27 chronic conditions.
  • All the options cover day procedures at network related day clinics.
  • Certain procedures may require co-payments.
  • The plans are all covered by the day to day extender where certain cover is paid from risk. This cover includes:


1.    Casualty benefits.
2.    Preventative care benefits.
3.    Crime trauma benefits.
4.    Disease management.
5.    Out of hospital MRI/CT scans.
6.    International travel benefits.*

* None of these plans have additional day to day benefits or medical savings accounts.

Liberty hospital plan options provide you with great additional benefits even if it does not include any day to day cover. The best of those are surely the MRI/CT scans that are paid out of risk and not your personal account.

It is rare to find hospital options that also include some degree of international travel cover and the plans that Liberty provides surely does that.

Another great plus is that most network related hospital options have limited overall annual limits this however is not the case with the Gold Focus Select option.


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All info was correct at time of publishing