Severe Illness Cover from Old Mutual

Unexpected medical expenses can put a severe financial burden on the family. And that’s where severe illness cover can save the day.

When a loved one has any critical or terminal illness, then you immediately start feeling the stress and tension associated with these dreaded diseases.

After the diagnosis and treatment, then its time for the recovery and rehabilitation phase. Whether the patient is an elderly person or a young child, the financial implications can be devastating.

Old Mutual has put together specific benefits for just such disasters, which can give you and your loved ones enormous peace of mind.

What is a Severe Illness?

Severe Illness Cover

A critical illness makes you unable to carry on leading the normal, everyday life you previously enjoyed.

The ‘Big Four’ diseases are –

▪ Heart attack

▪ cancer

▪ stroke

▪ coronary artery bypass graft

These conditions make up 70% – 90% of all Severe Illness claims. Other such diseases are AIDS, Parkinson’s, and Type 1 Diabetes.

However, Old Mutual has two Severe Illness plans to cover these illnesses –

  • Elite Severe Illness Cover Benefit

▪An accelerator benefit.

▪Every time you claim, the amount of cover is reduced.


  • Elite Severe Illness Plus Benefit

▪A stand-alone benefit.

▪You may claim more than once for unrelated diseases, without reducing your benefits cover.

▪You will still be covered 100% for each claim.


Features of the Severe Illness plans


These two plans cover –

▪68 severe illnesses @ 100% cover

▪16 mild illnesses @ 30% cover

▪Nine early-diagnosed diseases @ 15% cover – with a total of 7 of these are cancers. Cover is up to R100 000

▪29 child severe illnesses @ 10% cover – and one child per claim up to R500 000. Only two children per benefit

▪A lump sum pay-out to use as you see fit –  plus the lump sum is tax-free.

▪Cover varies from R100 000 to R6 000 000 depending on the choice of plan and premium.

▪You may protect yourself for your whole life or a specific period only, known as term cover.

▪Payouts can be used for rehabilitation, settling accounts, or other aspects involved in lifestyle adjustments, such as modifications to your car or home.

You will need to fill in application forms. Additionally, you can increase your cover and premiums annually. You may pay your premiums monthly or yearly by debit order or stop order. And you may increase or decrease your cover at any time. However, if you increase it, you will be required to provide additional medical information.

Additional Severe Illness Cover – always a Good Thing

Importantly, a Lifestyle Enhancer is also an available option, which gives give you an extra cover of up to 200%.

Consequently the cover applies to a stroke, paralysis, accidental brain injury, coma or a heart attack, which severealy impacts your quality of life.

You can rely on Old Mutual to give good value for money. That’s because over many years of serving South Africa, they have always come up with an ideal plan to give you and your loved ones the support and commitment you need most.

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All info was correct at time of publishing