Prosperity Life Insurance Includes Many Facets

What does Prosperity Life Insurance offer?

  • Low-cost insurance cover for life, dread disease, and disability.
  • Accidental death cover.
  • An additional Family Income plan.
  • Life insurance premiums fixed for five years from the date of inception.
  • Assupol On-Call is free of charge.

This is the first ever black-owned company offering life insurance in South Africa. It started out in 1951 when a group of businessmen in the Transkei wanted to provide coverage for black people that was affordable.

This proved so successful that Assupol acquired the company in 2004 and, since then, it has made a name for itself as one of the top providers of affordable funeral insurance.

Prosperity Funeral Cover

ProsperityThe Excellence Family Funeral Plan will cover you, your spouse, your parents, your children and any family members that are dependents.

  • Prosperity makes a cash payment if the primary policyholder dies.
  • Members are able to select a cash-back benefit as well, if they like.
  • Assupol On-Call is available at no extra charge. This includes telephonic tutor and financial advisory services, transportation of the body and hospital admission.
  • Where death is as a result of an accident, the company pays an additional lump sum.
  • You can select the Family income Option to ensure that the family has a regular income after the death of the primary member. The sum paid out will be a maximum of 10% of the benefit for the main member, paid monthly over six months.
  • Should the main member die, the company will extend cover in terms of the Accidental Death Benefit and the Funeral Benefit for the remaining members for a total of five years.


Prosperity Life Cover

The life cover here is simple – if you die, are diagnosed with a critical illness or are disabled, the company pays out. You can choose from the undermentioned options.

Prosperity Progress Legacy Plan

The company pays out a lump sum when the primary member dies. The company doesn’t require medical underwriting and offers fixed premiums for the first five years that the policy is in place. The premiums won’t increase by more than 15% per annum after this but you can, however, voluntarily increase your premiums in order to increase the amount of cover available to you.

Prosperity Progress Accident Plan

Should the primary member die accidentally, or become disabled, this plan pays out cash. The amount paid depends on the severity of impairment.

The company offers fixed premiums for the first five years that the policy is in place here as well. The premiums are guaranteed not to increase by more than 15% per annum after this.

Prosperity Progress 4Sure Plan

This plan includes life cover, disability cover and dread disease cover. There are some underwriting requirements for this plan.

  • The lump sum paid out will be from R50 000 to R200 000 if the main member dies.
  • The funeral benefit is 10% of the main member’s life insurance cover. A maximum of R10 000 applies.
  • You can opt to also cover dependents when you want to. Again, coverage depends on the main member’s life insurance cover, with a R10 000 limit.
  • The Terminal Illness Benefit pays out 95% of the main member’s life cover when you have a terminal illness.
  • The company pays a Physical Disability Benefit if the main member becomes permanently disabled or loses the use of any of their limbs.
  • The Dread Disease Benefit covers the main member and is paid out when a dread disease strikes. These include heart disease, cancer or stroke.


Zimele Products

Low-income earners also benefit. The products in this range make cover affordable.


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