Rentmeester Assurance are part of a multinational insurance group. Be part of it.

In 2003, Capital Alliance Holdings spent R400 million buying Lumley Life. Then, two years later, they became part of the Liberty Group, in addition, that same year they procured Rentmeester Assurance Limited which increased their individual life policies by 200 000.

Who is Rentmeester Assurance and what is an assurance company?

Life assurance and life insurance are two different concepts.

A life insurance policy won’t pay out if you outlive the conditions or period of your contract. However, an assurance company will always pay out, and that’s why it’s frequently used for life insurance and as a savings plan for retirement.

So Capital Alliance  is a long-term insurer that supplies individual and group insurance policies

Rentmeester Assurance

Capital Alliance Life, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Group and part of the Standard Bank Group which provides the company with a degree of stability.

And Liberty Life, an African wealth management group and known as one of the best South African insurance firms.

The company has a vast web of brokers. In addition, they offer a total range of policies and services. Best known for life insurance, it does have other products like company assurance, property advice and asset management.

The website gives customers a complete range of insurance options. So each one divides up into life segments that suit their lifestyle, furthermore, this simple format allows clients to find the best policy for them.

The policies begin with clients who are single, and they define the requirements that their lifestyles would include. Such as the type of insurance they should be using. Rentmeester Assurance gives advice on moving in with a partner and how to go about making joint purchases.

Next, they consider married couples who make bigger investments, like owning a house. Furthermore, partners who have greater needs, such as having children and who are more likely to start a business.

The next phase is for people over 50 looking for retirement plans. And how to deal with debt issues and the death of a spouse. Plus a section focused on business solutions and what clients need to do to start and run a business.

Each life stage requires a different plan, and Liberty provides the solutions for each of these steps. Go online and get free Life Insurance quotes now!

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Liberty Products that are available for all finance and insurance needs

  • Protect me and my family: This insures the member and their family. Covering for the loss of earnings, sickness, family and policy safety and
  • Provide for my future: Finding products for short-term insurance and medium to long-term investments and
  • Provide for my retirement: The firm uses expert knowledge to plan a retirement policy that can be pre or post retirement and
  • Business Solutions: Provide a firm with answers using two types of product. An employee benefits plan and business assurance products.


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