Life Insurance Exclusions Such as Suicide

A life cover is meant to financially support you if you should develop a terminal condition or suddenly find yourself unable to work. Here we will have a look at life insurance exclusions.

It is also an asset for your family if they should lose you, due to your passing.

In the event of this occurrence, they will be able to claim the financed funds, which you have invested for them.

Money is the last thing anyone wants to think about when they lose someone, but it is unfortunately in every aspect of our lives.

How can money help during a time of loss?

Life Insurance ExclusionsIt can assist your family rather focus on dealing with the hurt, then worry about any financial situation they may find themselves in.

The money will not lessen their pain, but it will be able to lower the strain on the payments.

The funds claimed are essential and will aid:

  • In the planning of your funeral,
  • Paying your outstanding debts, and
  • In helping them with any other expenses.


Life Insurance Exclusions

There are certain life insurance exclusions

Death is not a topic that is liked very much, but it is something that will inevitably impact everyone.

There are different kinds of ways that will lead to someone’s death, which can range from an unfortunate accident to a fatal illness.

Suicide is a tragic method that also brings about the end of life.

Suicide is a topic that many do not want to talk about.

Unfortunately, numerous people may not talk about it but think about it constantly.

It is not something that will fade into obscurity, by avoiding any form of conversing about it.

It’s is an occurrence that happens on a daily basis, which inevitably arises in the claiming process for life coverage.

Some insurance policies cater for this tragic event, but this is not necessarily a shared agreement in the broader spectrum.

Each company has their policy about the aspects and events they provide coverage for.

If this is something that you are concerned about, you will need to discuss it with the company you plan to take out a life cover from.


The insurers that do take suicide into account, as a probable claim, may present you with the following conditions:

  • There will be no financial payout for any claim made due to the cause of death being suicide, for the first two years of having your life cover; and
  • If you begin to pay more on your monthly instalments (after your initial two years), it will start a new agreement, which comprises of a fresh two years before being able to claim that extra funding in the event of suicide.


To prevent your life insurer from not paying out a claim, you need to stick with your payment plan.

If you change the agreement or switch to another plan, you start anew.

To enable the best aid for your family, you should be consistent with your consent.


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