Will your kids be financially secure in the future? With BoE Life they will

BoE Life and Nedgroup, have created a Rider benefits package that has extra illness plans for your children.

In South Africa, life insurance companies are always creating new ideas to help and support their customers better.

The most ingenious of those ideas is the extra cover for children.

There are a lot of life insurance companies available to choose from in South Africa.

Do research long before you purchase any policy but make sure you look at BoE life too.

Your children are the future, and to ensure their future, now is the time to plan. Time and tide wait for no man.

Benefits of the BoE Life 360 plan that can help your kids

BoE Life

A lump sum: Provides for debt repayment, education or having a comfortable standard of living.

Death income: Pays out monthly to your beneficiary and will continue until the time they have reached 66 years of age.

Unnatural death: Pays out in the event of death due to an accident or up to 90 days after the accident.


There is a list of six possible plans that are used in an overlapping action.

  1. The Occupational disability plan pays out in the event of total or permanent disability, creating a situation where you cannot perform the duties of your job.
  2.  The Activities of daily work pays when you cannot perform five activities of day-to-day work.
  3. A Physical impairment plan pays when you meet the physical impairment requisites.
  4. Activities of daily living benefit payout when you cannot do three basic activities of living.
  5. Comprehensive disability. A combination of the occupational, daily work and daily living benefits.
  6. Income benefits: Pays a monthly income both temporary and permanently, should you not be able to do your job.

A BoE Life Critical illness payout depends on how severe the illness is

  • BoE critical illness core plus: This benefit pays for, heart attack, coma, cancer, heart bypass surgery and stroke.
  • The critical illness comprehensive plan: 20 of the 32 critical illnesses are covered under this option with a 100% payback.
  • Critical illness comprehensive plus benefit: 25 of the 32 critical illnesses are covered with this option with a 100% payback.


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Rider Plan:

Final expense: A payment to your family within 48 hours of your death to cover the cost of your funeral.
Future cover: An option to buy the death benefit at a future date using your current health status. Subject to a negative HIV test.
Waiver of premium: If you pay for the policy on behalf of somebody else, the premiums stop when you die.
Retrenchment: This pays out a monthly income for up to 12 months in the event of you losing your job.
Child critical illness: Available from birth, add this to existing critical illness plans.

In the unstable financial times of today, life insurance is the way to secure the financial well-being of your family should you pass away.

With all this available, the 360 life plan of BoE life is an option well worth buying.

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All info was correct at time of publishing