Life Insurance for People who are HIV Positive

There was a time when if you were HIV Positive, you became like a leper or an outcast. Life insurance for HIV positive people was not possible.

Laws have changed. These days with medical advancements and treatments, life is pretty much as regular for HIV positive people.

Millions of people are still dying of HIV. And until recently, insurance companies considered HIV+ people high risk to insure.

About 15 years ago South Africa became the first country in the world to offer HIV+ people life insurance.

With the introduction of ARVs, specialists categorise HIV as a chronic disease. So life insurance is being offered to those with the disease, but the insurance is still costly.

Insurers treat those who are HIV+ the same as those with any other medical condition. That is especially since people with the disease are living longer. Also they are far healthier if they take their medicine and look after themselves.

Life Insurance for HIV Positive – What is Life Insurance

There are life insurance companies who offer whole life cover to people who are HIV positive. The cover will provide a payout when the life insured passes away from this particular health related issue. Pay to do your research and to compare different insurers. An excellent place to look is SKY Insurance Solutions and the reason why it is good to compare life insurers with them is that they are a part of a network of websites which assist consumers with insurance.

They do this by offering solid advice and  information on a large number of insurance and finance providers. It is important to make the right choice, as in the long run you can save yourself thousands of Rands. Certainly life insurance for people who are HIV+ could mean steering clear of poverty for those left behind.

The types of life insurance coverage available are critical illness life insurance, group employment life insurance, high risk insurance specialists and guarantee issue life insurance which is a policy available to all and everybody, Life Insurance for HIV Positive Peopleregardless of the their health status.

Life Insurance for HIV Positive – The Fewer Complexities the Better

It pays to do research and compare the different life insurers because you will find that there are insurers where there is no waiting period – HIV+ people are covered immediately on inception of cover. These sort of insurers offer affordable cover and with no complex application forms.

Life insurance is far more available and affordable and one of the reasons for this is the improved life expectancy of infected people. This is an important aspect as premiums are calculated according to certain factors such as gender, age and health status.

Insurance experts will tell you that if you took out a life insurance policy before you were diagnosed with HIV, it is important to keep the policy going because if you allow it to lapse, it may be all but impossible to get similar coverage in the future.

Life expectancy for people who are HIV positive is rising, and young people can now live into old age. There is no cure for the disease and those who live long are at risk for developing other conditions such as liver and kidney disease and even cancer. The life insurance industry covers people with chronic diseases and now when you do research, you find that there are those insurance companies who extend their cover to include HIV+ people.

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