Triarc Insurance in South Africa

Many people try to avoid buying life insurance, simply because they feel they cannot afford it. Younger people particularly would do well to look at life insurance because they’re the ones with most of the debt. Triarc is a good Insurance provider.

Life Insurance Solves Problems

Most young people require help with regards financing from the banks. This means they don’t own the property until you pay it off. What happens if the breadwinner dies before the house is paid off?  What if your partner doesn’t have the means to settle the outstanding amount with the bank? The banks could care less – it will be repossessed.

A life insurance policy can avoid such a bad Triarc situation. Taking out life insurance is also about ensuring that your family left behind will be able to continue living the same lifestyle they did when you will still around. Triarc Insurance offers life insurance, medical aid, gap cover, employee benefits, investments and wills.


The main reason anybody would want to have life cover is so as not to leave debt burdens for your remaining family embers to contend with, to ensure your assets go the people you want and to ensure that your loved ones are provided for.

Sought After Financial Services

With life insurance, Triarc isn’t a broker but a life insurance provider who sell their products that they develop from scratch. With medical aid, though, Triarc is a broker and registered with Discovery Health, Medihelp, Momentum Health and Dental Risk.

Triarc is always developing and expanding so as to bring their clients a host of sought-after financial services.

Their personal and business cover includes –

  • Life cover
  • dread disease cover
  • disability cover
  • income protection

Understand the Dreadful Consequences of no Income

Dread disease, disability cover and income protection are all important forms of insurance cover in South Africa. If illness, loss of income or disability should put you out of a job. The results can have a dreadfully negative impact on your life as well as those of your loved ones.

Triarc knows that Life Cover is an essential part of financial planning. Because it will ensure you don’t leave behind any financial burdens for your family once you’ve passed on. The money your beneficiaries receive enables them to continue life in the same fashion as they did when you were still around. It could be your family or even your business partners.

Triarc Looks out for You – right to the end

Your Triarc Life Cover comes with a funeral cover benefit. Your beneficiaries will receive an amount to pay for your funeral within 48 hours when you submit the death certificate.
If you’re wondering about life cover or any of they other offerings from Triarc, you can always call them. So they’ve got financial advisers who you can call on 087 231 0222 to assist you with what details you need to supply regarding your assets.

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