BrightRock Offers Needs-Matched Life Cover

Unlike other needs-matched life insurance, BrightRock’s product is different from others on the market. It is tailor made to suit your needs right from the start and will change as you go through your life.

Their product includes cover that will reflect your financial circumstances as you go through life. When you find out more about their product you will see we offer a sustainable and efficient product that prevents waste and customised to meet your needs exactly. As your life changes your life insurance will change with you.

BrightRock is passionate about Life Insurance and firmly believe in the good it can provide you with. Good life insurance will become the bedrock of your family’s financial security.

BrightRock aims to leave you believing that when unforeseen problems arise you’ve got excellent over in place. To do this they’ve created a product that enables you and your financial advisor to match cover to your specific needs. Then, when you circumstances change our product will change your life insurance with them. It’s the first product to do it and BrightRock has called in needs-matched insurance.

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  • The best and most suitable protection in the market. Protection that will suit your family’s needs perfectly. You decide how to provide for each of your financial needs to cover illness, injury, and death. In each category, you decide lump sum or regular payments, how big those payments are and how your cover should change as you progress through your life
  • Cover that lasts throughout your life as it’s designed to change and keep meeting your needs. Choose exactly how much cover and how much it should change as time goes on. Our changes are simple and require minimum fuss to make
  • More affordable life cover because you only pay for the cover you need. Avoid waste with BrightRock. If you no longer need cover, the premiums will fall away so you are  free to buy more insurance elsewhere or keep the savings.
  • The most flexibility when you make a claim. You can choose to switch between lump sum and regular payments at any time. Even at the point when you are making a claim. Change even at this late stage and you will still get recurring pay-outs that are tax efficient and guaranteed. No one else offers you this degree of choice. We will also not reduce death pay-outs every time you claim for an illness.
  • Sustainable premiums as you don’t need to worry about making payments today for cover you need Brightrock Insurancetomorrow. You premiums today are for the over you need today. Your financial advisor will be able to help you plan your needs exactly.
  • The best medical definitions in the market. BrightRock uses objective medical data and a personal Job Fitness Test to determine exactly what is the best level of medical pay out for you. This gives you greater pay out, more choice and increased flexibility as well as higher levels of certainty that claims will be met.

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All info was correct at time of publishing