Dollar Life Plan Secures Your Future Beyond South African Borders

The days, weeks and months are just speeding by. And with it comes a massive change in the way we do things. We can’t imagine what and where our children will live and work. One thing is certain, and that is the decisions we make today will influence our tomorrows. The Dollar Life Plan is a great innovation that protects you and your family for future events.

We all need a plan according to which we approach life. As future thinkers, we need to be thinking about our family’s future. Who knows where our children will be living in 20 years from now? No-one can answer these questions with certainty, but we can start making provision for a sound financial future. Discovery Life is making provision for the future welfare of their customers. They offer their Dollar Life Plan which gives you protection not in Rands but in US dollars.


Dollar Life Plan from Discovery Life

This new product of Discovery Life is an international life insurance product which offers protection in US Dollars. It amounts to diversified life insurance in an offshore market and financial protection in one of the world’s most used currencies. The Plan ensures the financial stability of you and your family. When you pass away, Discovery Life will pay a lump sum which will guarantee a financially secure future for your family whether they are in South Africa or abroad.

Financial Security from a Leading World Currency – the Dollar

Benefit payouts are in US dollars. The plan also offers a dollar-denominated payback feature. This is the Dollar PayBack Fund. Manage the fund well and it will grow. and this money will supplement retirement savings when paid out.

Your Dollar Life Plan Fund won’t Drop Below a Certain Amount

Discovery’s Dollar Life Plan is a Life Fund. You can increase your Life Fund by adding the Cover and Financial Integrator, which offers additional cover at a significant saving relative to normal rates. You can also choose the Minimum Protected Fund which ensures the Life Fund won’t drop below a specified minimum dollar amount regardless of the number of Disability Benefit payments made.

The Dollar Life Plan offers 2 disability benefit options: Core and Comprehensive Plus. The Core option covers your chosen occupation and total disability as per objective medical criteria. The Comprehensive Plus option covers your chosen occupation and total and partial disability.

Link this Policy to other Discovery Products for more Benefits

One of the benefits of Discovery’s Dollar Life Plan is that it comes with integration benefits. You are able to link this policy with your Discovery Vitality and Discovery Health and benefit from generous discounts on your premium. As an Integrated policyholder, you can also qualify for an upfront fund starting at a value of up to 500x your initial monthly life cover premium.

This fund will be paid out when you reach the age of 65 or after 20 years.

Your Off-Shore Account is Sorted for You

With risk protection in dollars as well as significant financial benefits, Discovery Life has gone one step further. For those who don’t have an offshore bank account, Discovery Life will even assist you in setting one up.

In South Africa one can’t assume that conditions aren’t going to change. For better or for worse, if you are well prepared, the changes needn’t instill insecurity. No-one is suggesting a liquidation of assets and fleeing the country. History is full of examples of people who simply reaped the rewards of having a plan when others succumbed to fear.


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