Anderson Insurance Serves Brokers

Anderson Insurance Underwriters is a Financial Services Provider who deals with brokers mainly. So they deal less often with individuals directly.

Anderson Insurance brokers South Africa

Significantly Anderson has many branches in the main business centres of South Africa, especially in Gauteng.
These include offices in:
-Randburg, and

Anderson Insurance underwriters is a team of people who can offer their clients the following:

1.    The willingness to offer the best possible service.
2.    A thirty minute turn-around time when there are questions or queries to answer. And the same applies to underwriting feedback.
3.    The organizing and taking responsibility of giving insurance quotes and possibly changing policies. Anderson InsuranceSo the vision of Anderson Insurance is to be a ‘one-stop’ for all the different needs from all their clients.

And Anderson Insurance’s clients are brokers rather than the public. Therefore their clients will be companies like Discovery Insurance, or iWyze Insurance. These companies will then in turn then be covered or doing business with Anderson Insurance.

What is Anderson Insurance exactly?

Importantly Anderson Insurance makes it possible for insurance companies and independent brokers to offer insurance to the public.

Some of the products that Anderson Insurance offers, are the following:

1.    Stand-alone motor insurance
2.    Building cover
3.    Household contents cover
4.    All risk cover
5.    Cell phone cover
6.    Motorbike insurance cover
7.    Taxi insurance cover
8.    Underwriting of commercial risks and
9.    Products suited for individual commercial needs

As is clear from above, there is Anderson car insurance. There are three types of car insurance:

1.    Comprehensive cover

This option covers:

– accidental damage by the owner him- or herself to his or her own vehicle and the third party
– theft
– hijacking
– fire
– explosion
– storms and
– other aspects

2. Third party, fire and theft insurance

This Anderson option covers the same as the comprehensive cover, except the covering of the owner’s vehicle in case of accidental damage.

3.Third party cover

Third party cover is at the bottom of the list for the three kinds of insurances offered by Anderson Insurance. It covers only possible damage caused to third party vehicles.

And one can easily obtain car insurance quotes online or by telephone.

Also Anderson Insurance offers also insurance specifically meant for taxis. And the reason for this is the high risk of theft and accidents. That is because they spend much longer time on the road.

Importantly, these specialist insurance policies for taxis have different underwriting terms compared to that of normal vehicles. Taxi drivers and taxi business owners can therefore get quotes online for this policy.

Anderson also offers special insurance for motorcycles. That is because motorcycles cannot be included under a normal vehicle insurance policy. So the risk of theft and damage is of course higher with motorcycles. Therefore the stand-alone policy for motorcyclists.

There also exists the Anderson Insurance business cover.And this cover includes the following:

–    Protection of business assets from loss or theft
–    Business vehicle cover
–    Insurance for business buildings
–    Cover for contents of offices
–    Cover for equipment of offices and
–    Indemnity insurance for doctors, lawyers and financial advisors through specialist underwriters

Anderson insurance contact details

The main office is in Randburg, at 5A Dover Street (South Africa).

In addition the free toll line for brokers: 0861 988 988

And it is possible  for brokers to email them as well:

All info was correct at time of publishing