Cheap Insurance for Life

Is there such a thing as cheap insurance? Insurance is one of those things that many people feel are a ‘grudge purchase’ – a necessity rather than a luxury.

Certainly in the instance of car insurance, some insurances are required. So, if you have a car, you must have insurance. This means that every month you have to fork out monthly premiums based on what ifs: what if you crash? What if you don’t?

The reality is, however, that we are wise to insure our risks because they can and do happen and without insurance we may never recover financially. So, since it is a must, affordability is imperative.

What is cheap insurance?

Cheap InsuranceCheap insurance is a relative term in that it depends on what each person perceives as cheap. It depends on what a person expects to get out of an insurance policy and what percentage of their monthly income they have available to spend on such an insurance policy.

Cheap insurance to one person could mean that for the premiums they are paying they get an amazingly comprehensive coverage, giving them complete peace of mind to get on with life, while to another person the lower the premiums the cheaper the insurance, even if it means that the risks are higher.

Does cheap insurance really exist?

There is a great deal of competition between insurance companies now, which means that the costs of premiums are becoming more competitive and the value for money more realistic. There are also more cheap insurance options available based on affordability, allowing people who could not previously afford to insure themselves and their possessions, to buy entry level cheap insurance policies to suit their needs.

Shop Around

In any event, whether you are looking for top-of-the-range or cheap insurance, it is wise to shop around, to make sure you know what insurance you are buying, and to watch out for the small print. And show a bias towards the large, established companies such as Sanlam, Old Mutual, Santam and Outsurance.


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