Mom of Boiled Toddler Passes Lie Detector Test

The mom of the22-month-old toddler whose Dad is accused of deliberately leaving him to boil to death in a hot car for 7 hours has so his parents could collect life insurance money, has passed a lie detector test.

Her lawyer says she passed the test with flying colours, proving she is innocent of any involvement in little Cooper Harris’s death.

Leanna Harris is walking free while her husband, Ross Harris (33), is in a Georgia, United States prison awaiting trial.

Leanna HarrisA Cobb County grand jury has indicted Harris on multiple charges including, malice murder felony murder and cruelty to children.

A detective testified at his indictment hearing that Harris was exchanging nude photos with women the day his son died and had looked at websites that advocated against having children.

Police said they had proof that when Leanna visited him in prison, Harris urged her to cash in the life insurance policies on Baby Cooper’s life.

The life insurance company that has policies on little Cooper Harris’s life is refusing to pay out the policies.


All info was correct at time of publishing