Liberty Group Life Insurance

The Liberty Group offers Liberty Group life insurance policies in the form of their Life Protection Solutions. Importantly Liberty see themselves as a wealth company. So they are more than just a provider of financial solutions. So they believe in creating wealth for their policy holders through their financial and insurance products.

For over 50 years Liberty has been gaining in experience, strength and status as South Africa’s leading wealth management company. And they believe their life insurance products reflect this.

What life insurance do I get?

In their portfolio of products, Liberty offers the Universal Life Policy. This combines the risk cover with an investment portfolio. And that adjusts as your lifestyle and needs change. Through this  the amount the growing value of your investment portfolio offsets your life insurance benefits.

Liberty Group Life InsuranceLiberty’s life insurance policy the Lifestyle Protector offers flexible life insurance cover that can be adapted with your changing needs to see you through life’s unexpected events. This policy includes life cover, loss of income, lifestyle and policy protection so your dependents do not flounder financially should something happen to you.

The Life Cover insurance plan offers to cover your family’s financial needs in the event that you are no longer around to take care of them. This includes school fees, the bond on your home, car repayments, among other things.

Liberty’s Accident Plan covers your dependents up to a certain threshold following disablement or death in an accident. This gives you peace of mind while paying low, affordable monthly premiums to ensure your family is secure.

Liberty also offers a range of funeral plans to help your family bear the financial burden associated with this.

Why choose Liberty Group Life Insurance?

Liberty claims that they have policies to suit all budgets and, for as little as R250 per month, you can ensure that a certain amount of your family’s financial needs will be covered through a Liberty Group life insurance policy. And Liberty believes their versatility and experience mean they have something to offer everyone in the area of wealth management.


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