Momentum Life

Momentum Life started in the mid nineteen-sixties and has been a famous name in life insurance and health care in South Africa ever since.

Momentum life insurance has stability and a long, venerable history. That is what you want with a life insurance company. It is on a par with other well established life insurance firms Old Mutual and Metropolitan Life.

The life insurance side of Momentum insurance provides term of life insurance. Momentum Life prides itself in being able to structure Momentum life cover products for all circumstances and pockets.

Of interest those looking for a one stop insurance house, Momentum Health supplies a fully registered medical scheme as well as hospital products.

Momentum Multiply is the wellness and rewards programme that dovetails with both Momentum life cover and Momentum medical aid.

What is Momentum Life Insurance for?

Life insurance is a protection mechanism you buy into to take care of your dependants. There will be money to pay your debts in the event of anything happening to you. Such events can include disability, loss of earnings, serious illness and death.

With Momentum life cover you can be rest assured that your house will be paid off and your children’s educationMomentum Life will be taken care of should you pass away. You can also secure an income for your dependants for a decent time after your death by stipulating this in your Momentum Life insurance policy. Various kinds of liability insurance are also available from Momentum Life.

Life insurance tips

Buying life insurance is an important decision as it could materially affect your family in the future. Consider these points when you get an instant life insurance quote:

  • Think about what your requirements are
  • Get as many online insurance quotes as possible
  • Place the quotes alongside each other and compare them
  • Find out from family and friends what experiences they have had with insurance companies such as Momentum Life and the various products they have chosen
  • Speak to a Momentum Life advisor to gain further insight into policy structuring
  • Weigh up the pros and cons of each type of life insurance product from Momentum Life and other insurance companies
  • Get the best policy you can afford while taking into account that life insurance is a long term commitment


Momentum Options

Momentum Life and other insurance companies offer these basic options:

Life insurance pays off your debts and replace the income you were earning before you died. You get term life, which insures your life for a certain time, such as when the children leave home. Whole life cover from Momentum covers you until the time of your death.

Disability insurance covers you in the event that you become unable to earn a living any more after accident or illness. This would make it impossible for you to earn a living. Momentum Life would pay out what you need to fund your life after disability.

Serious illness cover ensures that you are paid out a large sum in the event of critical illness. This will allow you to still have an income even after having a heart attack, a stroke or being diagnosed with a dread disease such as cancer.

Longevity is great but you can also take out insurance with Momentum against living so long that your investment income runs out before you die, or if you survive longer than expected even after having a dread disease.

Pretty much anyone needs a life insurance policy. The sooner you start the less it will cost in the long run. Get a life insurance online quote from Momentum or a similar company by completing the form on this page.


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