What You Need to Know About Life Cover Quotes

Getting life cover quotes can be a headache and lots of people simply do not understand how you can compare various companies and products with one another.

Insurance companies supply a host of plans and each product has various time span, premiums, benefits, incentives and terms.

In order to choose the policy that will best meet the specific needs and budget of a household, you need to get as much neutral information as possible.

A great start is to complete the form on the top left hand corner of this page to get comparative life cover quotes by email or phone.

Simply complete the form on this page to get life cover quotes

Here are some suggestions that could make the process of getting and assessing life cover quotes easier and much more effective:

  • General queries regarding cover offer hardly any purpose. First take into account the needs of your family and the type of cover yoLife Cover Quotesu are interested in. Do you want whole life cover or term insurance? What about disability, loss of earnings and dread disease cover?
  • Every insurance company makes use of a different method of assessing your needs and presenting a quotation. It might be useful to make it very clear what you want and demand a quote in a certain format. Getting a comparative quote via the form on this page is a great way to compare apples with apples.
  • The internet is a wonderful tool for doing research. Investigate the websites of the life insurance giants in South Africa namely Sanlam, Sasfin, Old Mutual, Momentum, Metropolitan, Liberty Life and Discovery Life to get a feel for the market.

More Life Insurance Tips

  • Many individuals choose to use a broker. Independent financial experts that have no association with any particular insurer are usually able to provide objective suggestions based on the needs and budget plan of the client.
  • They are also able to point out potential shortfalls and they often save their customers money by managing their accounts for them and by regularly reviewing the requirements of the insured.
  • Policies that offer whole life cover are usually cheaper in compariaons those that offer just term life cover. Consider getting a whole life policy and build on that with disability cover and so on.
  • Keep up to date with developments at your insurer. Give your insurance company a call at least once a year to check if there are any enhancements available. Request fresh life cover quotes if you need to change the terms of your policy.
  • At least once a year sit down and take a look at the situation of your family. Has a child left home? Have you downscaled? Has your property increased in value? Have you incurred fresh debt? Have you taken up a dangerous sport? All these factors should be taken into account in your life insurance policy. Contact your broker or insurer so your policy can be adjusted to accommodate the changes.


Start your investigation into the interesting world of life insurance by requesting comparative life cover quotes.

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