Best Life Insurance Advice

Are you planning to buy the best life insurance possible but you don’t want to make a mistake? Perhaps you do not have enough information.

Or perhaps you have a life insurance policy but there are parts of it you do not understand?

Either way, this article is going to give you crucial life insurance information to ensure you invest in the best life insurance possible.

Here is the best life insurance advice:

  • When applying for life insurance it is imperative that you are totally honest with your insurance broker or the assurance company’s salesperson. Be honest to over-honest regarding your medical status and history. If you have ever abuse alcohol or drugs then say so. If the insurance company can ever prove that your initial information was dishonest your claim may fail.
  • Don’t apply for life insurance when you are sick, out of shape or grossly overweight. Get on a programme to improve your health before applying. Give up booze, smoking and gorging if possible. This will make your health profile in terms of blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. much better and will lead to a positive health examination prior to Best Life Insurance Quote in South Africabeing awarded a policy. This in turn will lower your premiums.
  • Should you get divorced and the settlement says that one parent should maintain life insurance to get custody of the children, buy the insurance policy prior to signing the divorce settlement. This accelerates the settlement process and sorts out any problems with the policy before custody takes place.
  • When buying life insurance, do your best to pay high commissions. Get quotes online or go to the insurance company itself rather than a broker. Do your research and enquire about commissions. You could save thousands every year this way.
  • Never buy life insurance you don’t need. If you do not have dependents, or if you do have dependents but you have sufficient assets so that they will be provided for should you die, then you need not buy life insurance. Some brokers might try to convince you that life insurance is an investment. It is not and should not be regarded as such.


More Information

  • When refining your policy prior to signing up for it, think about how your life insurance requirements are likely to change over time. For instance, if you do not have children then all your payout amount will have to cover is funeral costs, a small payout to your partner and enough to cover any outstanding debt. Anything else is superfluous.
  • Even if you are not the breadwinner it may be worth buying an insurance policy for your family. If you are a stay-at-home parent and you were to die, the remaining partner would have to incur expenses for nannies, au pairs and house upkeep. Funeral costs are also a consideration. Find out from an insurance expert what amount is right for you.
  • Adults who have children should certainly consider taking out life insurance. Even a term policy that ends when your child is twenty-one, for example, is a good idea so that should you die your children’s education and expenses will be covered until they reach adulthood, thanks to the policy.


You can never have too much information about the various policy types available when trying to reach a decision about what the best life insurance is for your circumstances. You need to feel positive when you sign on the dotted line that you understand exactly what is covered and why you have opted for the policy you have.


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